What Are the Advantages of Contract Cleaning?

By Nic Bohanna on April 18th, 2024

The recent pandemic has underscored the essential need for expert cleaners. In fact, the UK cleaning industry employs an estimated 1.47 million people to clean properties in total, be it an office, a factory or a block of flats.

Why opt for a robot vacuum cleaner or try to deliver cleaning in-house, causing your staff to lose valuable working hours when they don’t have the right tools or experience? Explore the advantages of contract cleaning in our thorough guide.

1. Save Time and Money with Regular Cleaning

Although hiring a contract cleaning service sounds like a higher cost, it can actually save you both time and money. Additionally, acquiring an in-house cleaner is 23% more expensive than hiring externally, despite not having their own equipment, qualifications or training criteria.

Our specialists are aware of the areas most in need of cleaning and know how to efficiently clean them. Not to mention, our products are high-quality and work hard to rid your property of germs and harmful bacteria in comparison to household products.

2. Improve Staff Morale and Productivity

Unfortunately, 55% of employees are asked to clean their workplace, such as cleaning communal areas, vacuuming and wiping desks. Because of this, the average worker loses 13 working hours per year. In fact, 17% of employees stay overtime to tend to office plants, and 15% are regularly ordered to clean shared bathrooms on a weekly basis.

94% of workers feel more productive in a clean workspace. In addition, you are 30% less likely to experience cold symptoms with contract cleaning. Whereas, 50% of people are more likely to be off work sick without regular cleaning.

Employees should not be expected to clean their workplace if it is outside of their job description, unless they are hired specifically for cleaning duties. With contract cleaning, not only will you have a safe area to work or live in, you will be more productive and can see a boost in your mood, including anxiety and stress.

3. Maintain High Health and Safety Standards

32% of 561,000 workers sustained non-fatal injuries from slips, trips and falls. Whereas, 2,268 workers died from mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure in 2022 to 2023. Furthermore, 12,000 people die each year from lung diseases caused by toxic chemicals. Simple organisation and cleaning could address some of these issues, but they worsen over time due to neglect or poor cleaning habits.

Each sector will have its own standard, be it hospitality, education, healthcare or technical. This is to protect your clients and employees from allergens, chemical spills and general accidents.

The relevant cleaning standards we adhere to are as follows:

Invest in the Advantages of Contract Cleaning with Synserv

You may not be aware of the regulations cleaners must follow to ensure a safe workspace. It’s not just specialists included in cleaning standards, but general employees too. More often than not, the average worker doesn’t receive training on proper cleaning or the relevant laws. In this case, a contract cleaner is the best alternative.

Synserv will ensure your cleaning procedures comply with British regulations. We cater to a variety of industries, property sizes and cleaning requests with regular contracts bespoke to you. Invest in the advantages of contract cleaning by contacting us today.

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