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Social Housing

Social Housing Cleaning

Over the years, we have provided social housing cleaning contracts in London and the surrounding areas for numerous councils and housing associations. If you are therefore looking for a team that is experienced in this area, we can accommodate you.

Our social housing cleaning contracts portfolio is varied, having been requested to clean internal and external areas on a range of properties. Thus, we are confident that we can generate and deliver a leading solution regardless of your unique request.

Synserv is made up of accredited and licensed cleaners and consultants, equipped with the best training and thus able to deliver unmatched results. Our commitment to meeting the expectation of the client has cemented our position as a leader in the social housing cleaning market.

We understand the pressure put on councils and housing associations to meet deadlines, as well as the regulatory requirements that must be met in these types of properties. Our team can alleviate this pressure by delivering flexible and consistent social housing cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, across multiple sites and locations. Contact us today for more information.

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social housing cleaning, block of flats

Council House Cleaning

A team responsible for council house cleaning needs to be able to deliver exceptional results on stringent deadlines, including specialist council house cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. With a typically high volume of properties to service, any work carried out needs to be efficient and to a professional standard.

With extensive experience in this field, we can offer council house cleaning whilst meeting tight time constraints, including specialist council house cleaning in London. Moreover, we are equipped to work at volume. The complexity or scale of the project is irrelevant, as our method is built on consistency and professionalism.

Whether you need a team to work on a contractual basis across multiple locations or require flexibility, we can support you. We possess the training, documentation, and equipment to complete any assignment to a leading standard, whether the focus is internal or external.

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1. Will you clean extremely dirty social housing?

We understand some tenants can leave a property in disarray. At Synserv, we are more than happy to clean any type of mess as this is our specialty. However, please tell us the scale of the work before your appointment.

2. Can you clean both the interior and exterior of social housing?

Yes, we can clean both the interior and exterior of social housing. However, we do not remove furniture or garden accessories.

3. How long will it take to clean social housing?

There is no direct answer for how long it takes to clean social housing. A quick regular clean could take just two hours, whereas a deep cleaning may take more than five hours. Ultimately, it depends on your needs.

4. Will you also clean furniture?

Yes, we can clean furniture, including kitchen appliances, tables and light shades. We use specialist equipment to remove dust and stains from hard-to-reach places—get in touch for more information.

5. Do you have any insurance or accreditations?

Yes, we are fully insured and are accredited with the ISO standards, Veriforce CHAS and the British Institute of Cleaning Science.