1. What sectors are your specialities?

Our speciality areas are:

  • Construction
  • Social housing
  • Leisure and retail
  • Healthcare
  • Government builds
  • Industrial lots
  • Education
  • And commercial cleaning

If your sector is not listed, please contact us to find a solution. We work within all sectors and are sure to still be able to help.

2. What are the cleaning packages you offer?

The three types of cleaning we offer are regular cleaning, deep cleaning and specialised cleaning. To learn more about which is right for you, contact us today.

3. Do you offer regular and one-time cleaning?

Yes, we offer both contractual and one-time cleaning. Be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, we can be flexible with your needs. On the other hand, if you need a one-off cleaning, please book an appointment.

4. Is your cleaning process different per property?

Yes, we ensure a bespoke cleaning process for each and every property. We understand your needs will be different from other locations, so please tell us your requirements in detail for a correct quote and service.

5. What are the main tasks in your process?

Our typical process includes an onsite inspection or consultation over the phone to see the scope of the work. We will then create a contract and arrange an appointment with client sign-off. We will also arrange periodic quality check-ins if applicable.

We can clean a variety of buildings, including:

  • Educational institutions
  • End of lease houses and flats
  • Facilities and property management
  • Healthcare institutions
  • Offices and councils
  • Stores and supermarkets
  • Warehouses and factories
  • And more