Professional Cleaning Experts Synserv Gain BICSc Accreditation

By Nic Bohanna on August 22nd, 2023

As trusted providers of expert cleaning services across London, Essex, Kent and Hertfordshire, Synserv is proud to announce that we have gained a new accreditation for our business, the BICSc Corporate Membership

BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science) is the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry. In becoming accredited, we have joined a network of like-minded people committed to providing the highest level of professional cleaning.

As a team of professional cleaners and consultants, this accreditation is a recognition of our dedication to providing expertise and first rate service. We work across a wide range of sectors including construction, social housing and healthcare, offering all-inclusive solutions tailored to the needs of your business or organisation.If you require commercial, industrial or exterior cleaning, choose Synserv for deep cleaning services backed by accredited membership to the internationally recognised industry institute, BICSc. Get in touch with us today to discuss your specific needs.

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Written by

Nic Bohanna

Key Client Manager

Nic is the Key Client Manager at Synserv with a degree from the prestigious Durham University. With a background in management in the service industry, he now ensures all our passive fire protection services run smoothly. When he’s not at work, you’ll find him pursuing his favourite activities of hill walking, a game of golf, or enjoying a nice cold pint.

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