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Hospital Cleaning

Hospital cleaning is instrumental in ensuring the safety and comfort of patients and staff. As such, any cleaning needs to be tackled by a professional team and completed to a leading standard. Moreover, understanding the regulatory literature is a must for cleaning to a standard that ensures compliance.

Having worked with private and public institutions alike, we at Synserv have the experience and expertise to deliver professional, efficient hospital cleaning in London and the surrounding areas. Equipped with specialist practical training and leading systems, our team can generate unmatched solutions whilst ensuring minimal disruption to site operations occurs.

Above all, we work collaboratively to ensure our solutions create the safest and most comfortable environment for hospital staff and patients.

We understand the importance of maintaining professional standards in a hospital, and we have the collective expertise and accreditation to do so. If you require more information on our hospital cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, request an initial consultation today.

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healthcare cleaning

Medical Cleaning

Our team of professional cleaners and consultants are equipped to deliver medical cleaning, helping your facility implement standards that create the safest environment for staff and patients alike, including specialist medical cleaning in London and the surrounding areas.

Clinical cleaning requires both experience and training, as the methods and equipment used must be sufficient for cleaning to the standard stipulated by regulatory bodies. Moreover, the existence of sickness and disease demands that cleaning is completed routinely, efficiently and to an extremely strict standard.

With an extensive portfolio containing a range of clients in healthcare, we can deliver healthcare cleaning services that epitomise quality, consistency and attention to detail, including specialist medical cleaning in London, Kent, Essex and Hertfordshire. Any medical cleaning carried out by our team is handled with the utmost seriousness, as we understand the repercussions of delivering substandard results.

Contact us today for more information or pricing enquiries. Whether you require care home cleaning, support in a private facility, or assistance in a large public hospital, we can accommodate you.

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1. Can you clean all our departments?

Assuming all the departments are safe for our staff, we are more than happy to clean any room you need. We particularly specialise in healthcare prone to chemical spills.

2. Do you use any toxic chemicals?

Yes, we may use toxic chemicals in our products, such as bleach, for tough stains. If you require alternative supplies, please let us know beforehand and we will find a solution.

3. Can you remove bodily fluids and chemical stains?

These can be difficult to remove if the stain is deep and/or old, however, we will do our best to remove any tough stains, such as bodily fluids and chemicals.

4. Will you adhere to the national cleaning standards?

Yes, we always conform with the national cleaning standards, especially when training staff. We also perform a quality check to ensure no areas are missed.

5. How long will it take to clean a hospital room or clinic?

It typically takes us just minutes to an hour to clean a hospital room, or up to four hours to clean a clinic. However, this depends on the condition of the property and the tasks required.