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Government Cleaning

With an extensive portfolio containing government cleaning contracts in London and the surrounding areas, the team at Synserv are equipped to deliver professional and efficient government cleaning packages.

We understand the importance of maintaining high sanitary standards in government and council buildings in London. Not only does it create a safe and comfortable environment for any staff or visitors, but it helps to generate a professional and competent image for any occupants.

Government cleaning in London, therefore, needs to be delivered to a leading standard. Our team has the means to accomplish this, with unrivalled training and equipment provided for each and every member. We ensure every team member has the confidence to deliver consistent, professional results regardless of the complexity of the environment or scale of the task.

For government cleaning in London and the surrounding areas delivered by a team with experience, contact one of our advisors today. We endeavour to work collaboratively with every client, ensuring that any unique requirements and requests are always met.

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Government Contract Cleaning Services

We specialise in the generation and delivery of government contract cleaning services in London and the surrounding areas. Over our years of service, this has varied from client to client. Some clients request an array of services delivered within guidelines stipulated in a contract, whilst others require more flexibility, including specialist government contract cleaning.

Our team is highly adaptable, and has had experience delivering first rate cleaning packages in a wide range of environments. As such, every member is equipped to deliver solutions that can be tailored to the requirements of the client. However rigid or flexible you would like us to be, we can accommodate you.

Using innovative systems, and undergoing extensive practical training, our team can clean to a professional, leading standard within the most stringent time frames. We strive for consistency and quality above all, so you can be confident that a solution delivered by Synserv will be unmatched.

To request more information on government contract cleaning services in London, Kent, Essex or Hertfordshire including service offering and pricing, contact one of our advisors, including specialist government contract cleaning services in London.

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1. Can you clean our other government properties?

Yes, we can clean any government property. We ensure complete privacy when we clean any building and won’t ever interfere in meetings.

2. What process should we expect?

Synserv always maintains a respectable appearance and attitude on any job. Please refer to our commercial cleaning guide to learn more about our specific process.

3. Do you have any insurance or accreditations?

Yes, are fully insured in case of potential accidents or damage. We are also accredited with the ISO standards, Veriforce CHAS and the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

4. We may have private documents; can you ensure these will be safe?

Yes, we will never move, organise or read any documents found on the premises or interfere in discussions. Our staff are respectful and pride ourselves on professionalism.

5. How long does it take to clean a government building?

It typically takes us up to four hours to clean a multi-storey building. For a specific time frame, contact us with information about your property size and tasks required.