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Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning in London, handled by an experienced team, can positively contribute to site productivity and safety in a significant way. A clean and organised construction site is one in which workers can perform their tasks efficiently without risk of injury. Thus, the implementation of construction cleaning is imperative for those in a position of authority.

Your commitments as a site manager may make construction cleaning difficult, which we understand. An expert in this field, Synserve will remove the hassle of both dedicating and managing resources, ensuring all operatives clean to the highest professional and legal standards.

We are uniquely positioned to consult you on best practice and implement cleaning standards, as a result of extensive commercial experience. We are a team of accredited, professional cleaners and consultants with a wealth of industrial cleaning experience.

Moreover, we possess the training, documentation, and insurance to clean in environments such as construction in London to the highest professional standard.

For more information on our construction cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, including service offering and pricing, visit our contact page.

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construction cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning is just as important as cleaning whilst work is taking place. Not only does post construction cleaning mitigate the risk of injury for the public, but it creates a healthy reputation for any construction firm. It says that you are a responsible and trusted provider. Enlisting the help of an expert in post construction cleaning in London and the surrounding areas is good practice, and may lead to future business through the cultivation of a positive commercial image. Moreover, it helps you comply with regulatory requirements around construction management.

Our post construction cleaning services vary in scale and complexity, including specialist post construction cleaning in London. We can offer clients different levels of support, depending on the size of the site and the expected outcome. Additionally, we can offer post departure cleaning as part of your bespoke construction cleaning package. We offer a great degree of flexibility, with our team able to adapt to an array of environments and accommodate different needs.

For support with post construction cleaning in London and the surrounding areas, whether across multiple locations or on one site, contact us today. We offer bespoke packages and are available to work on a contractual basis or with more flexibility.

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1. Is it safe to clean a construction area before it’s complete?

Yes, it is typically safe to clean a construction area before it’s complete so long as the site is secure. We also offer cleaning once construction is complete to ensure the site is presented well upon client handover.

2. Will you require safety gear from us?

If the construction area is potentially dangerous, we may require helmets, high-vis vests and gloves. Otherwise, we won’t need any safety gear, but please tell us this before the appointment.

3. What cleaning process should we expect?

We will use a high-power vacuum cleaner to remove any mess on the floor, such as rubble or wall chippings. We will also ensure all your waste is in the correct bins.

4. Can you move large pieces of rubble?

We can clean most things, but try not to move or remove heavy or sharp items that may injure our employees. If you have any requests similar, please tell us before your appointment.

5. Can you clean both indoor and outdoor construction areas?

Yes, we are skilled at cleaning both indoor and outdoor areas, including construction. Please let us know the scale of your work and timeline so we can provide the right quote, equipment and amount of staff.