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Tile & Grout

Commercial Tile Cleaning

Tiled areas, internally or externally, can add significant value to a property or facility. They don’t come without complication though, with tile being susceptible to grime and difficult to clean. This is why as a business, you need to enlist the help of an expert in commercial tile cleaning.

We at Synserv are a team of certified professional cleaners, with ample commercial tile cleaning experience. Working across a range of industries, we have consistently delivered market leading results by ensuring our team has access to specialist training, equipment and the right documentation.

We approach commercial tile cleaning like we approach any other service. We strive for excellence in our process and result, whilst always adhering closely to the requirements and expectation of the client. In the end, a satisfied client is what we aim to achieve above all.

If any tiled areas on your commercial property require cleaning, on a contractual or flexible basis, please contact us today. Our advisors would be happy to provide an insight into our methods, rates and more.

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tile cleaning, floor cleaning

Commercial Grout Cleaning

Commercial grout cleaning goes hand in hand with tile cleaning, and is often requested alongside it. Although tile cleaning makes a big difference to the appearance of a premises, grout cleaning can really make a tiled area stand out.

We offer commercial grout cleaning as an additional service. However, many clients request that we complete both in conjunction. For the best result, we would recommend enlisting our team to clean the tile and grout in any tiled areas.

We have the knowledge, equipment and training to undertake projects that range in complexity. Whether you require support with large external tiled areas or sections of commercial bathrooms, it is likely that our team has handled it before. The experience we possess grants us consistency in the result, regardless of scale or complexity.

Contact a member of the Synserv team today for our full service offering, pricing structure or commercial portfolio.

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