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Pub Cleaning

High quality, scheduled pub cleaning is, arguably, one of the most important aspects of pub ownership. Your business’s reputation and your guests’ satisfaction is determined by the cleanliness of the facility. As such, pub cleaning needs to be completed routinely and to a professional standard.

Pub or restaurant ownership requires a significant amount of commitment and energy, as the tasks required to keep the premise operational are plenty.

Thus, as a manager or owner you may not have time to personally prepare and complete a pub cleaning schedule. Having supported a number of pub owners, and worked on a contractual basis for leading franchises, we are uniquely qualified to assist you.

Our team possesses the training and equipment to deliver market leading, competitive results. Moreover, our commercial experience means that we can adhere to the strictest deadlines whilst minimising disruption to company operations. To better understand our pub cleaning services, or to discuss pricing, contact a member of our team today.

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pub cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

As well as pub cleaning, we are qualified and experienced in the delivery of professional restaurant cleaning. Whilst the two involve similar processes, there are a few distinctions.

As part of our restaurant deep cleaning services, for example, we can focus on problematic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It is important that the cleaning of these areas is done efficiently and to a professional standard, whilst adhering to health and safety regulations. Substandard results could damage the reputation of the premises and create legal compilations for the business.

Whether tackling pub cleaning or restaurant cleaning, we strive for consistency and quality. We deliver hassle free results by supplying a team who are experienced, trained and have the necessary equipment to clean to an exceptional standard. Enquire today for restaurant cleaning services or an overview of our pub cleaning packages.

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