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In our experience, hiring the support of an expert in commercial kitchen cleaning is imperative in the field of restaurant ownership.

Not only can a commercial kitchen cleaning team ensure your employees have a safe environment to work in, but it reduces the risk of a business’s reputation being damaged by substandard conditions. What’s more, a team with commercial experience can help you better understand legal requirements and regulations.

We at Synserv have a wealth of experience in this niche, having delivered cleaning services to some of the UK’s leading commercial kitchens. Whether you are a franchise owner who requires a contract cleaner or a business owner looking for flexible support, we can accommodate you.

Our team receives specialist training and is equipped with leading technology. In addition, each and every member of our team has the experience and expertise to deliver consistent, outstanding results. If you require commercial kitchen cleaning, whether on a consultative basis or direct, contact us today.

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Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Commercial kitchen cleaning services vary from client to client, with the scale of the business demanding different expectations.

Above all, commercial kitchens need to be cleaned by a professional with applicable knowledge. This is because they must comply with health and safety regulations to pass routine inspections. A kitchen cleaned to a substandard level risks closure and heavy fines. Besides that, it is good practice to ensure all facilities are cleaned regularly and properly.

We approach each kitchen with the same level of dedication and commitment to excellence. The knowledge and experience we have acquired allows us to deliver a leading service in a competitive time frame, regardless of the complexity of the job. Moreover, we provide the training and documentation to ensure our staff can deliver efficient results confidently.

If you would like an insight into our methods, the cost of our services or a quotation, contact an advisor.

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